Coaching & Mentoring

If this is you…


  • You work with people to improve their lives through your own experience and expertise.
  • You work with dogs and have an idea to utilise their intuitive wisdom to support people.
  • You have a dream of working with dogs and people, but don’t where to start or how to turn that idea into a business.
  • You need an experienced mentoring team with shared expertise of working with dogs, working with people and who have built their own CPPD businesses


We can help…

CoachingWe have been where you are. We had the spark of an idea, a dog who changed our lives and the privilege of seeing the impact of dogs on numerous other people we have worked with. We knew that there was enormous potential in our ideas and dreamt of creating businesses to make the dreams a reality. We’ve done just that. We can help you do it too.

We have worked with numerous people who wanted to turn their dreams into a reality. Working together, we know we can reach more people. You can benefit from the variety of expertise that we share and the diversity in experience with people, dogs and running CPPD businesses.

We know that dogs are the difference that make the difference and we would love to help you bring your dreams to life. Only you can deliver your project, only you can create the change you need to see in the world. We can help with the planning, the process and the logistics that you need to put in place to make it happen.

CoachingWe offer a mix of coaching and mentoring. Between us, we have the skills and expertise you need and we believe that as a team, we can offer you the perfect support package to cover all bases in planning your new business. We know that you have all the answers within you to create the CPPD business of your dreams, we will help you to draw it out. We also know that sometimes you need the critical friend to double check if you have the insurance, the risk assessments and policies in place, you know, the boring stuff that just needs to ‘get done’.

If you would rather not start with this level of support, you can read our book and be taken through a process of developing your business in your own time.

One-to-one (or one-to-two… or two-to-two… we can work with you and / or your team, whatever works best for the CPPD business you’re building) support is for people who want to make progress quickly, get their ideas out into the world and start making a difference NOW.


We have four options for you:

Please contact us to book the package you need or to discuss which one would suit you best. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Initiator Package Motivator Package Developer Package Maintainer Package
To help you get the first stage of your thinking into a clear, achievable, short term action plan. A 3-month package designed to take you beyond the short-term action plan, with regular contact, planning and reviews. A 6-month package designed to support you to establish a sustainable CPPD business. An eight-week focussed package designed for you if you have taken action and run at least one project to test your CPPD idea. You need help to get to the next stage, to build sustainability and a regular income.
60min Skype Call. 3x60min Skype Calls 6x60min Skype Calls 3x60min Skype Calls
Read & comment on your current business plan / action plan. Read & comment on your current business plan / action plan, with unlimited email support throughout the three months and feedback on evolving business and project plans. Read & comment on your current business plan / action plan, with unlimited email support throughout the six months and feedback on evolving business and project plans. Feedback on the impact of the current project / programme.
One follow-up email to answer any questions you have from the call / comments. Completed within one month. Unlimited email support throughout the eight weeks.
One structured business planning call.
Feedback & comment on existing and developing policies.
Investment: £50 Investment: £175 Investment: £325 Investment: £235